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MODEL V9000ex

SCI Music Products manufactures the KEY/NOTE VISUALIZER® digital music display, a device which allows a music instructor to show each note being played, on their MIDI keyboard, in lights, on a large (21" X 48") panel.

  • Used in many group keyboard, group piano, piano lab and many other teaching situations.
  • Used at all levels of music education: elementary, middle, junior high, high school and especially at the college level. Most colleges that have a serious group keyboard or piano lab program use the KEY/NOTE VISUALIZER® music display.
  • Operates from any MIDI specification keyboard, without the need of a Personal Computer.
  • Recommended by education departments of major keyboard manufacturers; the KEY/NOTE VISUALIZER® digital music display has been installed with Kurzweil, Korg, Roland,Yamaha, Kawai, Technics and Suzuki equipment, as well as many others.
  • KEY/NOTE VISUALIZER® digital music display even indicates Sharps and Flats and the display can be maintained without holding the keys down, by using the included hold pedal.
  • All necessary fittings and equipment to use the KEY/NOTE VISUALIZER® digital music display with your MIDI keyboard are included; and it is shipped with wall mount hardware or you may purchase the optional Model 505 floor stand.
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